Minitron Design Series

The Mini Jumbotron Company has partnered with some of the most popular influencers in man caves, sports art, gaming, and theater room design to create the MINITRON Design Series - the most affordable and fully customizable line of MINITRON units to date.


Each MINITRON unit within the design series is both graphics-ready and graphics-optional. The exterior translucent plexi-glass offers a blank canvas and is ready to be illuminated with any combination of LED lights and graphics. Additionally, exciting add-ons and inspiration provided by today's top influencers, combined with their complementary product links, will help transform help your MINITRON unit into a SCORE-TRON, GAMING-TRON, TEAM-TRON, ROCK-TRON, TAILGATE-TRON and infinitely more design possibilities. How will you design YOUR-TRON?


Each unit of the MINITRON Design Series includes:


  • The Mini Jumbotron Company 24" customizable MINITRON unit

  • Our MINITRON branded quad mount which accommodates both TVs and Monitors

  • 9 customizable translucent plexi-glass pieces

  • 8-outlet power supply 

  • Ceiling mount & hardware

  • Access to design ideas, recommended products and (discount) links from popular social media influencers 

  • Free graphic design assistance and access to graphic design templates provided by the dedicated design team at The Mini Jumbotron Print Store


Please continue to check back here for additional details.

Do you have a unique idea for a MINITRON design theme? Do you have product links and 10K+ followers on Instagram and/or TikTok? If so, LFG!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.