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Go Big or Go Home? Nah...Go Big At Home! Introducing the world's largest commercially available Mini Jumbotron unit.


The patented marvel of engineering MEGATRON 43" model is jaw-droppingly stunning and designed specifically for life's biggest ballers. Make sure your game is big enough to handle this beast. 


The MEGATRON 43" Mini Jumbotron Unit includes:


  • Our 43" Quad Mounting System & Frame: Supports four 43" TVs or Monitors with a width between 37.5" to 38.1" and a VESA Pattern of 100x100 to 400x400. For proper positioning, it is important that the 4 VESA holes on the back of the TV are located in the middle or upper half of the TV.TVs/Monitors are not included nor sold by The Mini Jumbotron Company. 
  • Graphics-Ready: 9 graphics-ready sections, including 8 translucent panels and 1 opaque base, await your chosen graphics. Graphics are optional and sold separately through the Mini Jumbotron Print Store and include free graphic design assistance. The specialized removable/reusable cling material makes the graphics easy to apply, easy to remove and easy to re-use for different sports seasons and events. For more information about ordering graphics please visit our GRAPHICS page.
  • Internal LEDs: 4 Govee Smart RGBICWW LED Lights, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Direct Connect, with 35 Scene Modes, 16 million colors, 2700-6500K warm/cool whites, and brightness of 500 lumens, works with Alexa & Google Assistant, APP Control, Voice Control
  • Recessed Lights: 4 Govee Smart RGBWW 6" LED Recessed Lights, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Direct Connect, with 65 Scene Modes, 16 million colors, 1-100% dimmable brightness, 1100 Lumen, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, APP Control, Voice Control.
  • Ceiling Accent LED Lighting: Dynamic APP controlled Govee Smart RGBIC LED strip with 16 Million color options, 64+ preset scenes, segmented colors, extensive DIY functions, music syncability and compatibility with Alexa & Google Assistance.
  • Surge Protector: 12 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector
  • Flat Ceiling Mount & Hardware: A 7.5" x 7.5" ceiling mount with a 380 lb load capacity is included (see picture above). Consult a professional to determine if an alternative mount or reinforcement, such as use of a dual joist ceiling mount, is required to support the weight of the MEGATRON 43" on your particular ceiling. Please see our FAQs page for links to additional mounting solutions including mounts for sloped ceilings, dual joist ceiling mounts and extenstion poles. 
  • OPTIONAL Ring of Honor (ROH) base: First introduced with our Minitron 24' model , the Ring of Honor Base is flashier, translucent, graphics-ready 3" taller plexi-glass bottom which houses a Govee dynamic APP controlled RGBIC Smart LED with 480 beads, 64 Preset Scene Modes, Music/Media syncability and compatibility with Alexa & Google Assistance. The Ring of Honor base and all 4 sides and small corners will also accept the specially designed removable/reusable graphics from The Mini Jumbotron Print Store.


Quick Stats

  • Size: 50"W x 50"W x 34"H (Best for 9' ceilings and above)
  • Weight: 175 lbs (with 4 TVs) (Add 2.75" in height and 20 lbs with Ring of Honor)
  • Extension pole compatible
  • 9 Graphic-ready sections
  • Each TV rests on top of a 3/8" foam seal which may be easily cut to accommodate your TV's remote control sensor.


Make sure to visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions.


NOTE: Continuous advancements in the design and construction of our Mini Jumbotron products have allowed us to decrease lead times, lower pricing and simplify installation. This often leads to minor cosmetic differences between product pictures and the product received. Some of the more notable changes include:


  • a thinner, stronger base material has eliminated the need to install any edge border trim, resulting in a more modern, clean appearance
  • the introduction of reusable clings has decreased the cost of a set of graphics and further simplified the installation of graphics


Raise Your Game to new heights!

The MEGATRON 43" Model

PriceFrom $3,495.00
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