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Bring the stadium home. The WALLTRON 65 is comprised of four 1/4" graphics-ready transluscent acrylic panels. This includes two center panels wall-mounted above and below your 65" TV, and two side panels wall-mounted to either side of your TV. Each side panel has 2 configuration options, designed with slots to accommodate either one 32" TV plus 4 GLANCE Tickers (14"x7") or two 32" TVs. You may mix and match side panels.


Please note: Graphics, TVs, mounts, standoffs and GLANCE Tickers are all sold separately. Purchase links are available below.


WALLTRON 65 Installed Specifications

  • Final Size: 133" wide x 48" height and 4" to 6" in depth depending on your chosen standoffs
  • Standoffs: The WALLTRON 65 requires 12 standoffs of either 4" or 6" in length. Your chosen TV and TV Mount combination will determine the appropriate standoff length to use. Please use these links to purchase (12) standoffs: 4" Standoffs or  6" Standoffs
  • Removable Panels: All Panels are removable as needed to gain access to cabling, etc.
  • Graphics: Visit our GRAPHICS page for information about designing and ordering graphics.
  • Optional Lighting: The panels and graphics are transluscent and may be backlit with LED string lights affixed to the wall or behind each TV. 
  • Glance LED Ticker Panel: Visit Glance LED  and use code "minijumbotron" for a 10% off. The WALLTRON 65 panel uses four 14 x 7 x 2 GLANCE LED Tickers.
  • TV Recommendations: Accommodates any 65" TV up to 34"H x 58"W and any 32" TVs up to 17.5"H x 29.5" W



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