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I built the first Mini Jumbotron unit in 2011 because I didn't like any of the pool table light options that were available. The world had three options: the ugly beer-branded light, the boring "triple pendant" light, and the outdated Tiffany-style monstrosity that belongs in grandma's knitting room.  Man caves deserve better! 

SDSU Aztecs - The OG
MJ Tail 1.jpg
MJ ESPN 3.jpg

After 12 years of enjoying my SDSU-themed Mini Jumbotron unit, I decided to share a video of it on social media. It immediately went viral and was re-shared by ESPN, Barstool and many others. Soon, Shaq and others were blowing up my DMs and I was being told I had "a duty to mankind" to build more.  The Mini Jumbotron Company was born.


I have really enjoyed meeting so many amazing people from pro-athletes to Hollywood stars to sports fans all over the world. Thank you all for your support and I really hope your spouse lets you have a Mini Jumbotron :). 

Microtron vs Macrotron.jpg
MJ College.jpg
Barstool Sports.png
MJ Score_edited.jpg
MJ Pardon.jpg
MJ SC 3.png
MJ Overtime.png
MJ SportsNation.jpg
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