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Due to licensing requirements, a leading national graphics provider independently owns and operates the Mini Jumbotron Print Store where you may design and order custom graphics. The estimated cost for a complete set of graphic clings ranges from $100 to $275 depending on your Mini Jumbotron model.

Ordering Graphics.png


Create a free account to the Mini Jumbotron Print Store to access their powerful online DIY design tool and templates. For free design assistance, do not use the DIY design tool and instead follow the instructions listed below.


Graphics are designed with the colors, text and logos you provide. 


Printed on your choice of either reusable clings or permanent decals. Clings cost less, are easier to apply and include the ability swap graphics to different teams or themes seasonally. Clings can be stored and reused without any loss in adhesion or strength. 


Simply install with a mixture of water and dish soap. Don’t like how a graphic is positioned? No problem. Reposition it again and again until it’s just right!


It is each customer's sole responsibility to email their desired logos and design specifications to the print store design team and to determine if the desired design is legally available for personal use.

For design assistance, please send an email to the entire design team with the following information:


  • Order Number: ex: 12345

  • Model & Size: ex: Macrotron 32"

  • Graphic Type: Reusable Cling or Permanent Decal

  • Logos: Attach all logos. The design team can sharpen & fix logos but the initial logos must be provided by you. Avoid using photos in your designs. The design team can't fix the resolution of photos.

  • Colors: Specify the background colors for all sections. Visit to obtain team color codes.

  • Text: Provide any text, text styles and text colors desired on each section.

  • Print Store Username & Password: Their team will add the final designs to your shopping cart after proof approval.


We love sharing pics and videos of completed Mini Jumbotrons and game rooms. Please text pics and videos to 623-606-6176! Any pictures received will be assumed permissible to use.

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