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  • How do I order graphics?
    For information about ordering graphics and free graphic design assistance please visit our GRAPHICS page. To get started on your design, please email the design team your Mini Jumbotron order number, Mini Jumbotron model/size and your desired logos.
  • Which TVs are recommended?
    24" MODELS Any 24" TV or Monitor with a width of 21.5" to 22" and 100x100 VESA Mount Pattern 32" MODELS Any 32" TV or Monitor with a width of 28.25" to 29" and 100x100 VESA Mount Pattern 43" MODELS Any 43" TV or Monitor with a width of 37.5" to 38.1" and 100x100 to 400x400 VESA Mount Pattern. For proper positioning, it is important that the 4 VESA holes on the back of the TV are located in the middle or upper half of the TV. (Last Updated January 2024)
  • Can I stream both 4 different channels and 1 channel perfectly in sync?
    Yes. You have the option to display 1 to 4 different channels, games, etc. simultaneously. Displaying 4 different channels requires 4 TV inputs. This can be accomplished with 4 Smart TVs, cable inputs, or streaming devices such Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, or Fire Stick, etc. If you want to display the same channel perfectly in sync on all 4 TVs (which is my personal preference) then we recommend the purchase of a 1-in 4-out HDMI splitter plus 4 HDMI cables. With this HDMI splitter you would simply plug in the HDMI cable from from your cable box, Google Chromecast, AppleTV, Fire Stick, or Roku and then run an HDMI cable to each of your 4 TVs. The signal and sound will split perfectly to each TV. You can easily change the HDMI source on your remote to switch between displaying the same channel on all TVs, like for the Super Bowl, or to show a different channel on each TV for times like March Madness.
  • Which models fit my ceiling height?
    The size and weight of each Mini Jumbotron model is listed the chart below. If you're installing your Mini Jumbotron over a pool table, choose a size that won't block your ability to see your opponent cry when you beat them. If you have taller ceilings you could add a coupling and extension pole to any of the models. Links to extension poles and other mounting solutions are provided below: Extension Poles and Threaded Pole Connectors Adjustable Slanted Ceiling Mount for Sloped Ceilings Angled Ceiling Mount Chief CMS393 (16") Dual Joist Ceiling Mount Chief CMS394 (24") Dual Joist Ceiling Mount
  • How does it mount to the ceiling?
    Our Mini Jumbotron units utilize a 1.5" NPT pole that threads into an included flat ceiling mount. A picture of the flat ceiling mount provided with each Mini Jumbotron model is included with the product pictures on the SHOP page. Please consult a professional to determine if additional reinforcement is required to support the size and weight of your chosen Mini Jumbotron model. Here are links to other mounting solutions and extension poles for taller ceilings: Adjustable Slanted Ceiling Mount for Sloped Ceilings Angled Ceiling Mount Chief CMS393 (16") Dual Joist Ceiling Mount Chief CMS394 (24") Dual Joist Ceiling Mount Extension Poles and Threaded Pole Connectors
  • How is it powered?
    We provide a multi-outlet power strip surge protector that will sit inside the unit. Everything we provide will plug into the power strip with outlets left over for TVs, etc. You will need to have power in the ceiling to plug in the power strip. We recommend having someone convert or add an electrical outlet next to the location you plan to mount the Mini Jumbotron.
  • Is some assembly required?
    In order to avoid freight costs, some very minor assembly is required. Installing a Mini Jumbotron is similar in difficulty level to installing a ceiling fan. Here are the basic installation steps: Install the ceiling mount and then screw in the mounting pole Attach the Mini Jumbotron frame (minor assembly required) Attach the TV mounts Attach the base after affixing base graphic Position and plug in all lighting Attach your TVs and apply any seal & Velcro to the TV sides Install graphics, affix Velcro and mount the plexi-glass panels. Now stand back and admire your Mini Jumbotron. Please text us pics and videos to share on social media 623-606-6176.
  • What if my spouse says "No!"?
    Don't worry. We just need to open the playbook: The Kiss Cam: Tell your spouse you'll now have your very own kiss cam. The Option: There are 4 sides to the the Mini Jumbotron unit. Why not dedicate a portion to the family. Imagine could have your team's Super Bowl wins on one side and your anniversary date on the other. I promise you'll never forget a Super Bowl. The Huddle: The Mini Jumbotron DIY Plans make the perfect family project to build together. It's a great way to teach children about tools. Think of the memories you could build together. The QB Sneak: You already know what to do. Just do it. The Counter: Let them also purchase something they really want. Maybe a vacuum or blender. I-Formation: Start rattling off all the "I's". I work hard. I mow the grass. I provide. I don't feel appreciated. I never get what I want. Stay in the I-Formation until you hear the universal yes statement: "Do what you want!"


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